Moritz Paul Tueski (c.1833-1882)

by Saul Marks

Moritz Paul Tueski was born in Dusseldorf, Germany and came to Liverpool with his wife and two children c.1873. They had another daughter here the following year, but their next was born back in Dusseldorf c.1876. Eventually, the family settled in Liverpool c.1877 and Moritz describes his occupation in the 1881 census as a professor of languages. Unfortunately, nothing is known about his professional life or achievements.

After his death, most of Moritz’s family moved to London and several of his children who were not born in Britain naturalised. I have yet to trace any direct living descendants. Moritz’s father was probably Abraham Meyer Tueski Kleef, who was born in Amsterdam in October 1789, one of the sons of Meyer Jacob Jokeb Hijman Kleef (c.1756-1820).


Grave Reference
Moritz Paul Tueski (c.1833-1882): A 15.22