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To the best school in the world

So writes ex-Kingsmeadian Saul Marks, who attended Kingsmead from 1987 to 1991. Saul, who is to be married this summer to fiancée Leanne Matalon, is a graduate of Durham University. Saul is becoming a familiar face on BBC television’s ‘Heir Hunters” programme, having established himself as one of the leading geneologists in the country, working as a case manager with Celtic Research. Four new episodes are in the can for transmission early in 2011.

In his spare time, Saul has managed to act as project manager for the restoration of Liverpool’s oldest Jewish cemetery in Deane Road, and has served as warden of the Princes Road synagogue.

Kingsmead memories are still vibrant for Saul, who writes of his hopes for a family in the near future “It would give me enormous pride to send my child to school with ‘Dominus Vitae Robur’ on his/her chest!”

He has the highest regard for PE teacher Ernie Phillips who celebrated 25 years on the Kingsmead staff this summer and who is now the only remaining member of staff from Saul’s schooldays, but also remembers star sportsman Tom Pearson who was a contemporary pupil at Kingsmead at the time.