The Hime Family

by Henry Roche and Saul Marks

Humphrey Hime (1761-1845) 
Was probably the Mr Hime who played first violin in the Handel Memorial Concerts at Westminster Abbey & the Pantheon in May & June 1784. Specialised in violin & viola.
Music publisher, founder of Hime & Sons with brother Maurice in Liverpool, late 1780s
Senior Warden 1822-23 

Edward Hime (1792-1867) 
Humphrey’s son
Music seller
To Rio 1835, founded huge dynasty out there
Photos of him & Priscilla & their eldest daughter Julia (1811-97)

Henry Edward Hime (1820-1881)
Edward’s son
Had 3 children by Irish woman Ann Wilkinson who wasn’t his wife
Various photos & drawings of him
Father of renowned painter Harry Edward Hime (1858-1933)


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Grave References
Humphrey Hime (1761-1845): A 02.04
Sarah Hime (his wife; 1765/6-1852): A 03.17
Edward Elias Hime (their son; 1782-1867): A 08.04
Priscilla Hime (Edward’s wife; 1792-1879): A 08.05
Julia Hime (Edward and Priscilla’s daughter; 1811-1897): B 23.01
Sarah Ann Hime (Edward and Priscilla’s daughter; 1818-1866): A 07.19
Henry Edward Hime (Edward and Priscilla’s son; 1820-1881): A 15.13
Rosa Hime (Edward and Priscilla’s daughter; 1823-1879): A 13.15