Harris Newrick (c.1846-1893)

by Sherry Landa

Harris Newrick (also Neurick/Neurich/Neurach) was born around 1846 in “Russia” and died on 17 July 1893 at Liverpool Royal Infirmary. His Hebrew name was Zvi. He arrived in the UK between 1872 and 1874 and he worked as a cotton porter, hawker and tailor. Harris was married to Gertrude and it is assumed they married in Poland, Russia or Germany before 1869. They had six children that I know of: Abraham (born about 1869 in “Poland”), Haim Jacob (born about 1872 in what is now Torun, Poland), Emma (born about 1874), Henry (born about 1876), Reuben (born about 1878) and Rachel (born November/December 1880). The latter four children were all born in Liverpool. Harris & family appear on the 1881 census-indexed as Kenrick, living at 9 Hawke Street. By 1893, the family were at 10 Minshull Street. Harris had 11 grandchildren that I know of. Who Harris’ parents were and his wife’s maiden name remain a mystery. It is also unknown as to whether Newrick (sic) was the family’s original surname or a name they assumed when they arrived in England.

Grave References
Harris Newrick (c.1846-1893): A 21.10