Burial Register

There are four known sources of data containing names of those interred in Deane Road Cemetery. These are:

1. Album of Photos Taken by Sam Lipson 1979

These photos were commissioned in November 1978, during one of the several earlier attempts to restore the cemetery. At the time, the vast majority of the foliage had been removed, and many tombstones were totally or partially visible, unlike today. Sam Lipson was a professional photographer in the Liverpool Jewish community, with a studio on Prescot Road. Since the photos were taken, he has died and his business no longer exists. The album contains photos of 312 tombstones, covering the years 1838-1914, with one later burial, in 1929.

2. Liverpool Old Hebrew Congregation Death Register 1875-1982

This huge volume details deaths in the congregation in the period 1875-1982, and those whose names are found therein are buried at various cemeteries across Liverpool, including Deane Road, Lower House Lane, Green Lane, Rice Lane and Broad Green. Most of the first 25 entries include a grave reference number in Deane Road but, after that, there is no evidence to suggest that the deceased are buried there. The period up to 1904, when burials at Deane Road stopped (except for those with reserved plots) contains approximately 980 entries.

3. Photocopy of Deane Road Burial Registry 1837-1876

This is a photocopy from the original “Burial Registry” book, which is held by Liverpool Old Hebrew Congregation. and covers the years 1837-1876. The original appears to have been filled in contemporaneously, with spaces left for people with reserved plots. Each plot is given a grave reference number and there are various indications of the location of each grave, such as the commencement of burials on a new row. This source contains 642 entries, including reserved plots as yet unfilled by 1876. I am very grateful to Joe Wolfman, community archivist, for making me a duplicate photocopy of this source.

4. Digital Images of Deane Road Cemetery Register 1837-1919

This source was fully indexed by Berny Goodheart in his work for the Liverpool Jewish Genealogy Service (LJGS), and covers the period 1837-1919, including burials in reserved plots. It appears to be a secondary source, compiled from earlier burial registers, including the above 1837-1876 burial registry, and contains 1,723 entries. Although the cemetery appears to be far too small to hold 1700 burials, it would appear that approximately 900 children are buried without grave markings, many being stillbirths or only a few weeks or months old. I am very grateful to Arnold Lewis for providing me with a copy of this source on CD-ROM.

The children’s data in the last source have yet to be added to the main register which contains information from the other three sources. Once this is complete, negotiations will begin in order to add the completed register to this website in MS Excel format. Until then, I will be happy to carry out any searches of the incomplete register; I can be contacted at info@deaneroadcemetery.com.