Lottery money for historic Jewish cemetery


Leading members of Liverpool’s early Jewish community are buried at Deane Road cemetery


The Heritage Lottery Fund has awarded £494,000 to Deane Road Jewish Cemetery in Kensington, Liverpool.

The project will focus on the restoration and conservation of important historic cemetery features including a Grade II ornate archway. The cemetery is of historical interest as leading names in Liverpool’s early Jewish community are buried there. The funding will ensure that the cemetery is fully accessible and can be opened to the public.

David Lewis and his wife are buried at the cemetery in Kensington

David Lewis, founder of the department store Lewis’s and Charles Mozley, Liverpool’s first Jewish Mayor are buried here along with other Jewish influential figures including watchmakers, silversmiths, bankers, artists, politicians, medics and musicians.

In pictures: Deane Road Cemetery (external link to impressive slideshow)

The site was bought in 1835 by the Liverpool Old Hebrew Congregation as a formal burial ground. The first burial took place in 1837 continuing on a regular basis until 1904 after which plots had to be reserved. The last recorded burial took place in 1929. The prayer hall and the caretaker’s cottage stood on the site until 1952 when they were demolished. The site then fell into disrepair.

This restoration will include a new landscaping scheme with safe and accessible paths around the cemetery, a seating area for contemplation and a new building for use by visitors and volunteers.

For more information on the cemetery and how local people can get involved visit the Deane Road Cemetery website.