B-J NEWS 15: 22 DECEMBER 2008


Quite often we are embarrassed in the UK by the condition of the cemeteries in which our ancestors rest. We hear media stories of vandalism and a lack of funds to repair the damage caused. We hear of cemeteries closing, or only being open with a guide by prior appointment. We are thwarted by lack of indexes, unclear plot numbers and the condition of the stones. Many visitors from abroad are appalled that we can let our cemeteries crumble away while we argue about whose responsibility they are.

That’s the bad news: here is some good!

In Liverpool they are no longer sitting back and waiting for the inevitable. They have started to do something. Some of you may already know about the Deane Road Cemetery Project; you may have found their website, www.deaneroadcemetery.com. Many of you will have supported the Project by joining the Friends of Deane Road Cemetery. In August they produced their first newsletter, available to download as a PDF file at friends200810.pdf - and well worth a mention here. If you have suggestions, wish to contribute, or simply wish to register to receive future issues of the newsletter direct to your inbox, the email address is info@deaneroadcemetery.com.

Sherry Landa, France