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Anti-virus software protect our computer from threat



Computer Security

In any organisation irrespective of the work they do they have a computer. A computer is used in every place such as schools, organisation, government offices and even in every house. In each and every house they either have a desktop or a laptop. They also have an internet connection in order to make the work easier. When the person is having a computer with an internet connection they can connect all over the world from the place where they are staying. So it makes their work easier and simple. But there are thousands of threats on the websites which we are using. When the person is using the internet and doing some activities in the social websites. There are many person who are able to hack the system and get all the details of the person using the site. When it comes to online transactions the hackers can get all the details of our bank including the password.

Computer sercurity

In such cases, the person must be very careful in using the details. The company websites are also being hacked and they take the data from the computer. In order to avoid these many companies are providing their employees with training regarding how to protect their computer from such threats. Only when the employees are clear about what to do for this problem it can be solved. The computer security is very much important in order to safeguard the data. There are many ways to protect our computer from such fraudulent activities. But we must be clear that we should not use the password or our personal accounts on any other computer. So that again we will be at a great risk. Once when the computer is protected by any anti-virus software. Our private information which is available on the computer will be safe. It also saves our computer from any virus attack. But the software must be updated regularly in a certain interval. For renewal or update of the particular software, the remainder will be generated by the computer. We can protect our computer by using a surge protector. Which will in turn protect our computer from any electrical damage. We can also use password to lock the computer so that nobody else can use our computer in our absence. While selecting the password we must be very careful. We must use a unique a password which is not used by us in any other accounts.

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