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10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Remove your Hard Drive Cover



Removing the Hard Drive cover is not a good idea. However, to understand why removing the hard disc cover is not a good idea, you need to understand how your  hard drive stores and accesses your data. In a hard drive, there is a circular disc where the data is stored, magnetically and then accesses by either the read or write which hovers over the platter but so closely and interrupt the magnetic data. The drive rotates at Avery high speed. The circular disk referred to as the platter is made of aluminum or glass but has a thin unique Coating where the data on the platter is saved.

The layer is so sensitive and can easily be damaged by small by small particles like dust or airborne particles due to its high speed. In case you do not believe, think about a small particle at 7200RPM hitting against a thin layer of valuable data going at a very high speed. That spells out danger. Therefore, a hard disk drive should remain covered no matter what; you do not want to lose your valuable data just because of something you can prevent. The only situation in which it is acceptable to open the hard drive cover or lid, is by a professional data recovery company. They will perform this process in a secured class 100 cleanroom where all dust particles are removed.Here are 10 important reasons why you should never uncover a hard drive.

  1. The leading importance of ensuring that the drive stays in a coat is that it ensures optimum safety of the drive as well as the saved data.
  2. It is incredible versatile and runs at a very high speed. Meaning it can easily break. So it should be well covered to prevent particles which may interfere the high speed.
  3. A hard drive contains so many fragile moving parts which can get mechanically damaged.
  4. Once you lose data, it is so expensive to recover it. In fact it cost more than $1,000. Therefore, you would rather keep it safe than incur the cost of recovering it.
  5. There is bigger percentage of losing important data forever. Once the hard drive is broken and you lose data, it is not guaranteed that even the professionals must recover your important data.
  6. Power failures-once you uncover your hard drive and it get interfered, it may bring along power failure. Contemplate a scenario where you are writing a long article and power goes off and you had not saved the article, you will be forced to repeat. This is just a simple example, think about while handling great projects. So to ensure it is safe, always keep it enclosed.
  7. An open hard drive may get some damages from spilling coffee plus other water damages.
  8. An n open hard drive may acquire dust and return affect thaw battery of your laptop. This effect makes you think that the battery is dead but in the real sense it is the hard disk.
  9. A hard disk cover may prevent your drive in case of an explosion such as fire.
  10. If you always keep your drive inside a case, there is a bigger possibility that it will last longer than just an open one


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